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238-Year-Old Home is Reborn in Historic Fashion

Located in the port city of Newburyport, Massachusetts lies a 238-year-old home with a custom fusion of modern design and historic charm.

Custom kitchen with gleaming hardwood floors
A custom gray kitchen with luxurious hardwood floors and large center island in one of the units at 10 Independent.

The year is 1780, The Declaration of Independence was signed just four years prior, the smell of hickory permeates from the fireplace; welcome to 10 Independent. Named after the famous document, Independent Street is the location of the monumental restoration project of this over 200-year-old home.

Drawing of 10 independent st

Built right at the apex of The Revolutionary War, this Georgian style home was definitely a spectacle for its time. With over 2,500 sqft of space, almost 9ft ceilings and old-growth fir pine flooring sprawled throughout; one could only imagine the status of the original owners. The primary hallmark, however, were the eight brick fireplaces built to warm the dwelling during those cold New England winters. It would end up key for the eventual renovators to conserve these traits.

GS Build, a company who specializes in custom homes, remodels and renovations out of Londonderry, NH, was tasked with modernizing while also preserving the history of this elegant home. The goal? Convert this single-family dated property into a two-unit condominium, and reclaim the incredible original features that history forgot.

10 Independent was methodically brought down to the studs piece by piece in order to preserve and restore its unique qualities. Original beams, flooring, bricks, even the staircases were saved to protect the authenticity of the home. In areas where restoration was not possible, period-appropriate reproductions were utilized to maintain the homes authentic feel. Flooring was carefully relaid and restored, while impressive original wooden beams would be exposed throughout the home.

One of the leading features were the eight original fireplaces that were set to be functional art in the completed build. Great care was taken to restore the fireplaces and chimneys to return them to working order. Four fireplaces would remain brick burning, two were converted to gas, and two would end up being bricked over but maintained as focal pieces of the property. All kept their original bricks and mantles, preserving their history

For areas of the home that were set to be modernized, the goal was a contemporary feel that also complimented the original ascetic. A gray kitchen with white quartz counters and white subway tile would give a fresh flair to this antique home. The bathrooms would follow suit in adding a touch of modern, boasting vessel sinks and glass-enclosed tile showers, utilizing gray-tones to allow the beautiful features to shine.

In the end, a blended mesh of new and old, past and present would flawlessly come together in this now two-family home; waiting to create new memories.

From the period of cannon fire and muskets, to the age of electric cars and smartphones. 10 Independent has witnessed the birth of a nation, encapsulated in the brick and wood are generations of history. The lantern-lit halls were reborn to tell a tale of a time since past, echoing a familiar story of family and hearth. The fireplaces will once again warm the home, giving off that distinct smell, just as they did over 200 years ago

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