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Local Home Builder is Back at Recycling Old Houses

In late 2016, GS Build, a company that specializes in new construction, home renovations and remodeling, out of Londonderry, NH was highlighted for their efforts to recycle and donate wood and other materials from the deconstruction of 4 Moulton St in Newburyport, MA. Through Dave Giese and his company Piece by Piece Deconstruction, GS Build ensured by taking the extra steps necessary to salvage materials from the home, that the usable products from 4 Moulton would not go to waste.The deconstruction is done by hand, preserving every piece of material that will be donated to and resold by EcoBuilding Bargains, a non-profit organization who sells reclaimed and recycled lumber at below market value, allowing for families and small construction companies to benefit from the efforts of GS Build.

“Re-use of materials is done often in places like Portland, Oregon, where it is built into building codes,” said John Grossman, who runs EcoBuilding Bargains. “In Massachusetts, we’ve been slow to adapt, but it’s a growing field. Now working on 10 Independent in Newburyport, MA, GS Build is back at it again, fully embracing the “Green” approach to home building. This is important to Co-Owner of GS Build, George Haseltine. Haseltine, 35, has been in the business for about a decade. He said,

“As a developer and builder, I have two responsibilities: to the environment I am impacting, and to the client”. “Deconstruction practices help save refuse from entering our landfills.”With more and more homes being purchased to be torn down, it is important for companies in the position to make a difference, choose to consider how their actions effect the environment.

“As a developer and builder, I have two responsibilities: to the environment I am impacting, and to the client”.

GS Build is restoring and adding an addition onto 10 Independent, a beautiful 1780 Georgian colonial located adjacent to the heart of the Newburyport downtown district. The process starts by deconstructing a later addition on the back of the colonial. “I’m trying to create homes more conducive to today’s family lifestyle,” Haseltine said. “That includes using more environmentally sensitive materials like low-VOC paint that’s safer to breathe and implementing energy-efficient practices like installing Energy Star-rated windows, furnaces and water heaters, to name a few.”Please Like & Follow GS Build to stay up to date on their latest projects or if you are interested in having your home renovated or remolded.

Credits to the Newburyport Daily News for contributions to the article.



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